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Herbal Remedies

Herbal Remedies

How to Improve Your Brain or Nervous System

By bruce at 2010-12-06 06:44:07
While taking a holistic view that does not separate mind and body, it remains true that mental health is closely associated with the physical nervous system. Here we consider some physical supplements that support both mental and nervous system wellbeing. Always remember that your mental health reflects your physical health and vice versa. In this section we are not addressing positive attitudes, social integration or any other important factors contributing to mental health, simply some supplements that have proven their usefulness.

Nervous System Cells

We all have the common idea that neurons make up the majority of the nervous cells. However, this idea is wrong since support cells which reinforce or help the neurons are more in number. Nevertheless, neuron cells are the primal cells of the system because they transmit messages. Neuron cells differ in size and shape depending on where they are found in the body, but the structure of neurons stays constant. The three basic structures of the neuron are: the dendrite, cell body, and axon.

Dendrites are short, thick branched extensions which extend like the roots of a tree over other neurons or body cells. The dendrites all branch off dendritic spines, which in turn branch of the cell body. Dendrites are the receptive sites of the neurons. Here, the neurons receive electric messages from other neurons or body cells. The site where one dendrite meets another neuron's impulse is called the synapse. Usually, neurons have hundreds of dendrite extensions. These extensions are spread over a large area, giving the neuron better reception of signals. Some dendrites are specialized for the accumulation of information. These cells are finer than other dendrites and found near the brain.

Cell Body
Also called the perikaryon-sound or soma-sound, the cell body contains a spherical nucleus with a nucleolus and lots of cytoplasm. Like many cells, the neuron cell body of the neuron contains the usual cellular particles or organells-sound, except centrioles-sound. Centrioles are the basis by which cells are able to divide and form new cells. Because the neurons lack centrioles , they are unable to divide and reproduce themselves. Therefore, if one should damage nerves, then they are not able to be replaced. Nevertheless, neurons do have specialized hardworking endoplasmic reticulum-sound (ER), which help transport proteins and molecules at high speeds due to the fact that neurons work at lightning speeds. Also, the neurofibrils, bundles of micro filaments and micro tubules, which are important in intracellular transport, are seen through the body. A pigment called lipofuscin, which is yellow-brown, is one of the many pigments believed to be in the neuron.

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Brain Functions

The axon is a long cylindrical tube, with the same consistent diameter, which runs through the body for long or short lengths. For example, the axon of your neuron controlling your toe, extends all the way from the lumbar back area. The axon branches off a cone shaped region of the cell body called the axon hillock-sound Axons diameters differ in many parts of the body, but the ruel is the thicker the axon, the more message it transmits through the neurons. The main purpose of the axon is to send impulses away from the cell body to neuron dendrite or other body cells called effecter cells-sound. A nerve impulse travels from a dendrite, to the cell body, and down the axon to thousands of branches called telondria which connect at a synapse to dendrites from other neurons.

Once the impulse reaches the synapse, neurotransmitters, chemicals, which excite or calm effecter or neurons, diffuse into the extra cellular space and reach the dendrite, once again turning into an impulse. Protecting and insulating electric fibers from one another is the myelin sheath. It is a whitish, fatty, segmented sheath which covers the majority of nerve fibers and helps transmit nerve impulses faster. Throught the axon of the neuron, cells which protect the neuron envelope . These cells forms slope like structures with indents in between them called a Node of Ranvier-sound. The myelin sheath is exceedingly important because one can lose control of your muscles due to the uncoordinated fibers of an axon without myelin sheath.

Mental Alertness

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