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Herbal Remedies

Herbal Remedies

Natural and Herbal Supplements for Night Emission or Wet Dream

By bruce at 2010-12-21 04:22:40
Nightfall is also known as night emission or wet dream. It is not a disease in itself and, more than that, it appears to be common in men of different ages. It refers to the fact that a man ejaculates in his sleep, with or without having an erection and it is believed to be caused by erotic dreams or erotic thoughts. Teenagers and young adults are usually faced with this problem, but it can also occur in older men. Its frequency is hard to be established because it varies depending on individual particularities. Nightfall occurring from time to time does not signalize a health problem and does not put any threats on a man’s overall health condition. However, if it occurs more frequent, it might lead to unpleasant consequences and the need for a nightfall treatment might show up.

Causes of nightfall are not yet clear.
It might be triggered by memories or dreams, but no solid evidence exists. If the occurrence rate of night fall is increased, it can lead to weaker erections, tiredness, and premature ejaculation. Other side effects associated with frequent nightfall are back pain and testicular pain. This being the case, men in this position should try to put an end to nightfall using a natural nightfall treatment. Here are a few natural products or herbs which are believed to reduce the frequency of nightfall.

1. Drinking sage tea before going to bed is an effective nightfall treatment because it prevents ejaculation during sleep from happening.

2. Sandalwood, rose, lavender and German chamomile oils need to be added in bathing water.

3. Fenugreek juice mixed with a tsp of honey and consumed before going to sleep prevents nightfall.

4. A few cups of curd consumed on a daily basis are believed to reduce nightfall occurrence and they also promote a peaceful sleep.

5. Bottle gourd is an efficient nightfall treatment. Mix it with sesame oil in equal parts and massage the mixture on your scalp every night. Another way of curing nightfall with the help of bottle gourd is to eat its leaves. They also help you sleep better and they are a great remedy for those suffering of insomnia also.

6. Including raw onion in your daily diet is beneficial for diminishing ejaculation while you are asleep.

Wet dreams are not harmful

Wet dreams are not harmful in any way. In fact they are a sign that your reproductive organs are developing. They can happen quite often, during teenage years. But don't worry if you don't have them. That is normal.

Find powerful herbal remedies
Erectile Dysfunction

Nocturnal emissions are natural and harmless occurrence to be expected in most normal men. They are a signs that your reproductive organs are developing normally. Even their absence does not necessarily indicate any abnormality. They will decrease or stop entirely when a male has ejaculation either through masturbation or sex with a partner. Wet dreams are a normal and expected experience of adolescence. Hope, this article will be informative to you and give you a concise facts on nocturnal emissions.

Involuntary seminal losses are peculiarly liable owing to the accumulation of sperm. It can take place every fortnight, or three week and sometimes after every eight days. In later year they occur less often. The tension in the vesicles and reservoirs causes the motor reflexes of the mind concurrently. The local tension causes the dream and the dream causes the ejaculation. It is purely a physical example of the urge to relieve or urge of sexual evacuation. Since the testes and seminal vesicles are always secreting and manufacturing semen, sometimes the vesicles are filled to capacity and the nature empties them in the form of nocturnal emission.

Premature Ejaculation
Home Remedies and also more read on gonaturalremedies.com
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